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Buy a Hi Vis Vest and Jackets in NZ to Keep Your Employees Safe

As a construction yard site owner, manager or foreman, the responsibility of personnel safety falls on your shoulders. Of course, the primary reason for keeping your staff safe is because you care about workers' well-being and don't want preventable injuries on your conscience, but you also need to avoid accidents to prevent claims from hurting your profits. Of course, you can't keep your eyes on all employees all the time, but you can avoid accidents by taking preventative measures such as buying hi vis jackets in NZ.

If employees work outside and around heavy machinery, they need a hi vis vest in NZ at the minimum, but you may need to consider which types of vests and jackets to purchase depending on the nature of your work environment. Hi vis vests tend to fall into four categories: Non-ANSI, Class 1, Class 2, and Public Safety Vests. Fortunately, especially in the case of construction yards, you may be able to rule out Non-ANSI vests as they're for low-hazard environments such as parking lots. Nevertheless, deciding which type of jackets and vests to buy isn’t always so simple.

Fortunately, we're here to help you buy the right products the first time. At Cleanline Tasman, our professionals have in-depth knowledge on safety workwear and hi vis clothing in NZ, and we take great pride in being able to offer advice you can trust. We've been serving all industries requiring safety clothing since 1992, and we're currently the largest stockist of safety gear and cleaning consumables in the nation. We only stock well-known brands such as Kaiwaka, John Bull, and Grisport to give you peace of mind regarding the quality of our products, and we're only one phone call away if you have any questions.

A Brief Guide to Safety Jackets and the Hi Vis Vest in NZ

To help you understand the differences between hi vis vests, we've detailed what separates products into categories below. Hopefully, this guide will help you buy hi vis jackets in NZ appropriate for your requirements.

  • Class 2 – Safety vests in this class need to have a minimum amount of background fabric and reflective material in strips no narrower than 35mm, making them ideal for school crossing guards, railway workers, and parking and toll gate personnel.
  • Class 3 – To meet the standards required to fall into the Class 3 category, vests must have a higher minimum amount of background fabric and reflective tape in strips no thinner than 50mm, making them suitable for roadway construction workers, emergency services personnel, and survey crews.
  • Public Safety Vests – These clothes are usually shorter than vests that fall into the previous two categories because they're designed to provide quick and easy access to tools and belts. However, they still need a minimum amount of reflective material in strips no narrower than 5 centimetres.

Need to Buy a Hi Vis Vest in NZ? We're the Company to Call

The information above should give you an insight into which category of vest you need, but there are hundreds of products that fall into each one. If you require more advice regarding design features and practicality, you can ask one of our friendly professionals by picking up the phone. Alternatively, if you're ready to buy, keep browsing our website to find the right products for you.