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Protect Your Feet on the Job in NZ When You Buy Safety Boots Online from Cleanline Tasman

On active construction sites and in industrial zones, wearing a hard hat is not only common sense, but it's also often required. Are you giving the same level of thought to your feet? The boots you wear throughout the week should offer you just as much protection as any other safety gear. Depending on the demands of your job, that could mean many things. It could mean a non-slip surfacing or a steel toe. You cannot always anticipate when an accident will occur — and protecting your feet from a heavy object is worth taking the time to choose the right safety boots in NZ.

At Cleanline Tasman, we've created an excellent place to buy safety boots online with confidence in both quality and adherence to the relevant safety standards. At the end of the day, what matters is your safety and comfort. We've taken care to curate an extensive collection of quality, dependable footwear that can perform in the challenging conditions you face every day in the workplace. Before you can choose any one product, though, you'll want to know how they work to protect you. With this understanding, you can select the safety boots you should buy for the best protection.

How safety boots in NZ protect your feet

Safety footwear protects your feet from several things: high temperatures, falling objects, and potential punctures. Many of the safety boots we have online feature an exterior construction that is heat-resistant to well over 100 degrees. In heavy industrial settings, that cool comfort is essential. What about protecting your feet from crushing blows delivered by falling equipment or items? A toe cap made of steel protects your feet at critical points. Mandatory standards in NZ dictate how much force these toe caps must be able to withstand.

Some boots offer protection for your midsole as well as your toes. A construction site is just one place where sharp objects may be on the ground and in your path. Stepping on a sharp nail or piece of debris could puncture some boots. With a midsole plate made of thin steel, your boots will prevent the puncture from ever reaching your foot. It's a valuable investment and an easy way to avoid a common accident.

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When you need to buy safety boots in NZ to stay safe on the job, Cleanline Tasman is ready to provide. As a family-run business with years of service behind us, we continue looking forward to serving our customers every day. With all footwear meeting or exceeding the relevant legislative standards for safety boots, including AS/NZS2210, you can buy with confidence. Whether you're protecting your feet from falling equipment or hazards on the ground, we can help you locate the ideal footwear. On all our core product lines, we offer same-day shipment for orders placed by 4pm. For questions or concerns, please contact us by calling on